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  • Samson And Delilah

    Samson & Delilah


    Dir/scr/cine: Warwick Thornton. Aust. 2009. 101 mins

  • Gigante

    Gigante (Giant)


    Dir/scr: Adrian Biniez. Uruguay-Germany-Argentina-Netherlands. 2009. 84mins.

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    Dir. Derick Martini, US, 2008, 93 minutes Lymelife is a coming-of-age story that takes another look at the darker side of suburban paradise: Long Island in the 1970’s, where Lyme Disease spread by local insects and carried by its picturesque deer is the new plague, ...

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    What Doesn't Kill You


    Dir. Brian Goodman, US, 2008, 100 minutes South Boston’s Irish gangland fatalism returns to the screen in Brian Goodman’s debut, a buddies-in-crime drama. Two childhood friends in the Southie slums graduate from petty crime to robbery, murder, drugs and prison, and even to a little self-awareness. ...

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    Dir. Tatia Rosenthal.Israel/Australia, 2008. 78 mins. Dealing with such lightweight issues as ‘the meaning of life’ and ‘happiness’ may seem a bit excessive for a stop-motion animated film weighing in at less than 78 minutes. But the film doesn’t take itself that seriously after all, defusing ...

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    The Stoning Of Soraya M


    Dir. Cyrus Nowrasteh. US. 2008. 116mins . This harrowing, if cinematically flawed, account of a male mob’s murder of a young wife and mother according to Shariah law in an Iranian village in 1986, just a few years after Khomeini took power, takes on particular relevance ...

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    Rain (Lluvia)


    Dir: Maria Govan. The Bahamas. 2008. 93 mins. One of the first indigenously produced films to come out of the Bahamas, Maria Govan’s Rain shows a different side to Nassau where, in the shadows of luxury resorts and ocean liners, lives a subset of islanders ...

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    Cold Lunch (Lonsj)


    Dir: Eva Sorhaug. Norway. 2008. 86mins . A few good scenes, some quirky characters and a striking visual style don’t quite add up to a hot meal in Eva Sorhaug’s bite-sized Cold Lunch . Screening as an out of competition title in this year’s Critics’ Week, ...

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    Snow (Snijeg)


    Dir: Aida Begic. Bosnia and Herzegovina-Germany-France. 2008. 99mins.

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    Dir: Kornel Mundruczo.Hungary/ Germany 2008. 110 mins.

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    Tony Manero


    Dir: Pablo Larrain. Chile-Brazil. 2008. 98mins .

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    Un Certain Regard