EXCLUSIVE: French sales outfit Other Angle Pictures has picked up French buddy comedy The Other Side Of The Tracks (De l’autre côté du périph).

The film is about two ill-matched cops – one from the centre of Paris and the other from suburbs – put on the same murder cases. It stars Omar Sy (Untouchables) and Laurent Lafitte.

Several buyers have already swooped on the film, which has just finished shooting and will be released by Mars in France next December. The film has gone to Benelux (Victory) and Switzerland (Frenetic.) (Both distributors also handled Untouchables, a huge box-office hit in France and elsewhere.)

Also new on the Other Angle Pictures slate is Romain Levy’s buddy road movie Radio Stars, from producer Alain Attal (Poliss). A market premiere in the EFM, it has gone to Belgium (Victory.)

Meanwhile, Other Angle is also selling The Dream Team, the new film by Olivier Dahan (La Vie En Rose.) This is a comedy about a group of ex football stars who reunite, begin to win games in the French Championshiop, and thereby help fishermen from Brittany to save their factory. A promo reel is available in Berlin. The film will be released in September through Warner Bros. Pre-sales have already been clinched with Benelux (Elysee), Switzerland (Presence) and Brazil (Immovision.)

Here at the EFM, Other Angle is showing for the first time La Verité Si Je Mens 3, the comedy from Vertigo Productions. The film, currently a number one hit in France, stars José Garcia and Vincent Elbaz.

“We are doing a lot of French comedies. That has been our speciality since we started our company four years ago,” commented Other Angle’s Olivier Albou.