Ahead of Toronto, Paris-based Reel Suspects has taken on 1001 Ways To Enjoy The Missionary Position, Alan Chu.’s sci-fi comedy starring Amanda Plummer, William Russ, Anthem Moss, and Natasha Melnick.

Peter Godwin produces.

In the near future, where government regulations are so restrictive our most inteimate acts are considered act of rebellion, Nora tries to break out of a lifetime of sexual repression.

Reel Suspects has closed deals on Laurent Bouhnik’s Q with the US (Strand), Canada (Axia), the UK (Axiom), with more territories still in discussion. In France, Albany Films will release on Sept 14 on 30-50 prints.

Also, post-Cannes, Reel Suspects has sold Koen Mortier’s 22nd of May to France’s Blaqout and Germany’s Donau.