The slate kicks off with Hong Kong action title Naked Soldier, Blood Money and US production Brawler.

XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon and president of marketing and distribution Mike Radiloff will curate the Turbo By XLrator line-up.

Naked Soldier is the sequel to martial arts release Naked Weapon from producer Wong Jing. Marco Mak directs Jennifer Tse as an assassin tasked with killing a shocking target from her past. Gordon negotiated the deal with Gordon Cheung of worldwide rights holder Mega-Vision Project.

Gregory McQualter directed Blood Money starring martial arts sensation Zheng Liu, rapper Pitbull and Hong Kong veteran Gordon Liu. Gordon negotiated the story of a vengeful Shaolin warrior who wages war on drug cartels with worldwide rights holder Vision Films’ CEO Lise Romanoff.

Brawler is set in the world of underground Mixed Martial Arts contests as two brothers face off after a betrayal. Nathan Grubbs and Marc Senter play the siblings and Chris Sivertson directed. Gordon brokered the acquisition with Michael Paszt and James Fler of Raven Banner.

“Some of the most thrilling and boundary-pushing filmmaking to revitalise the action genre is coming from all over the world, such as The Raid: Redemption from Indonesia, 13 Assassins from Japan, District 13: Ultimatum from France, Ironclad from the UK, and the Ong Bak series from Thailand,” Gordon said.

“Turbo by XLrator will bring the most adrenaline-pumping, kick-ass new visions and filmmakers from around the globe to North American action fans.”