TrustNordisk sells foodie documentary to Germany, Austria, Korea, Benelux.

Following a promo shown at the Cannes Film Festival, TrustNordisk has finalised a number of deals on foodie documentary Noma - My Perfect Storm.

Deals have closed in Germany and Austria (NFP), Korea (Atnine Film Co. Ltd.) and Benelux (September Film Rights) after a previously reported deal in Japan.

Pierre Deschamps directs Noma - My Perfect Storm, a documentary that tells the story behind the Copenhagen restaurant that holds two Michelin stars and is known both for its Nordic cuisine and its food lab which strives for innovative ways to serve food.

Deschamps followed Rene Redzepi, the man behind the restaurant, for three years during the making of the film.

The doc is produced by Etta Thompson Deschamps for Documentree Films in collaboration with Blenkov and Schønnemann Pictures, Good Rolling Films, Copenhagen Film Fund, Øresund Film Commission and Red Rental ApS.