EXCLUSIVE: Buyers are feasting on El Bulli, Cooking In Progress, being sold by Autlook.

Gereon Wetzel’s film, which has screened widely at festivals around the world, is now set to be served up to audiences in Japan (Doma Inc.), Australia (Madman Enterntainment), Germany (Alamode Films), France ( Zootrope & BAC Films), Canada (Kinosmith), USA (KinoLorber), Switzerland (Praesens), Benelux (Cinema Delicatessen), Poland ( Against Gravity), and Scandinavia (NonStop Entertainment).

Further signings for UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are expected shortly.

“We agreed with all our distributors to start El Bulli theatrically in fall 2011, but most important is a global DVD-release in March 2012 to protect our partners from online-piracy and guarantee DVD sales to be optimal,” commented Astrid Guger, Head of theatrical sales, explains the global release strategy.

The film profiles three-Michelin-starred chef Ferran Adrià, before he closes his restaurant El Bulli in Catalonia.