The model is designed to offer filmmakers and distributors an alternative to traditional channels through the mass marketing of curated content that is then shared by users through social media.

Service users will be able to subscribe to a daily email alert, view trailers and rent films to stream on demand. They can also earn rewards and discounts for sharing film information via their social networks.

Prescreen also delivers a Prescreen Performance Report to filmmakers and distributors offering aggregated analytics and demographics about the audience for their films.

Subscribers will follow a fresh daily alert on a new film that leads to a trailer and the opportunity to rent the title, which will be available to stream on demand for up to 60 days.

Users will be able to earn discounts and rewards by sharing the film through their social networks. Prescreen then aggregates the purchasing data for use by filmmakers and distributors.

“Moviegoers are increasingly consuming premium content through new digital channels including downloads, streaming, and video on demand (VoD), generating new revenue streams for the move industry,” Prescreen founder and CEO Shawn Bercuson said.

“Prescreen will help movies of all shapes and sizes receive the love they deserve by leveraging the social tools that exist today to market and distribute movies more efficiently.”

The initial titles include Kino Lorber’s The Robber and Jody Shapiro’s documentary How To Start Your Own Country.

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