Disney/Pixar’s Up led Hollywood’s international pack at the weekend with a $12.3m estimated gross that raised the tally to $215.4m with the UK to come on October 9.

In a strong weekend for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) that saw its four key titles generated close to $35m, Up raised its worldwide running total to more than $500m.

The animated hit held on to number one in its second weekend in Germany after a mere 10% drop added $4.3m from 880 for $10.7m heading into two weeks of school holidays.

Up stayed top for the fourth consecutive weekend in Australia, adding $3.1m from 273 after a 6% climb to bring the tally to $13.4m. The film ranked number one in Norway on $825,000 from 46, and was in a tight race with Sony’s The Ugly Truth to close the weekend as the top title in Brazil for the fourth weekend in a row as $857,000 from 320 boosted the tally to $8.1m.

  • The sci-fi thriller Surrogates preformed strongly in a day-and-date launch with North America that saw it gross $11.6m from 1,590 in ten territories, powered by a $4.4m number one launch in Russia from 550 for a new career high launch for Bruce Willis.
  • It placed second in Spain on $2.2m from 275, second in the UK behind Fame on $1.6m from 320, top in Hong Kong on $508,000 from 60, and top in Taiwan on $489,000 from 70. There were also number one launches in Turkey on $410,000 from 62 for a career high launch weekend for Willis, Poland on $335,000, and the Philippines on $293,000.
  • Surrogates arrives in 15 further markets next weekend including Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Venezuela and Colombia.
  • G-Force added $5.8m from 2,147 from 35 for $93.2m and as the top Hollywood release in Italy with $2.2m from 300 and added $1.1m in Australia from 180 for $2.7m.


  • The Proposal grossed $3.6m from 1,600 sites in 37 markets for 140.8m and just over $300m worldwide. The romantic comedy opened top in France on $2.1m from 310 in a new career high launch for Sandra Bullock.


Universal/UPI’s Inglourious Basterds grossed an estimated $7.5m from 2,800 venues in 41 territories for $128.9m with 21 territories to go.

  • The film held top for the second weekend in Spain on $2.6m from 378 sites for $8.6m and has amassed $20.1m in Germany after six weekends, $22.1m in France after six, $10.4m in Australia, and $4.9m in the Netherlands. It opens in Italy next weekend, followed by Brazil and Mexico on October 9, South Korea on October 29 and Japan on November 20.


  • De Storm, a Dutch film UPI is distributing in the Netherlands and Belgium, held on to number one in its second weekend in the Netherlands on $800,000 from 107 for $1.7M. It opens in Belgium on September 30.


  • Funny People added $1.1m from 800 locations in 13 territories for a running total of $14m, while UPI opened The Soloist in fifth place in the UK on $600,000 from 352.


  • 9, which UPI is releasing in eight territories, continues its excellent run in Russia and Ukraine and added an estimated $700,000 from 487 sites for an 18-day total of $5.4m.  There are five territories to go including the UK on October 30, Spain on January 1, 2010, and Germany on February 25.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s The Ugly Truth added $5.8m from 2,190 screens in 51 markets for $55m and opened top in Belgium on $450,000 from 33 screens. The romantic comedy added $1m in Russia from 400 for $4.9m after two weekends, and ranks top on $2.5m in Brazil after two.

After two weekends it has grossed $1.7m in Japan and $1.6m in South Korea, $3.5m in Mexico after four, and $5.7m in France after five.

The Taking Of Pelham 123 added $5.3m from 2,440 screens in 47 markets to reach $70, fired up by a $1.3m launch in Germany on 357 that ranked fourth, a $1.2m number one debut in Mexico on 351, and $205,000 from 46 in Australia to rank third.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs took $4.9m on 1,375 screens in 26 markets for an early $13.3m running total. The animated release ranks third in the UK and added $2.3m from 551 for $5.6m after two weekends. Mexico has generated $3.9m after two.

District 9 grossed a further $6.1m including other distributors for $56.7m overall. SPRI territories added $3.8m from 1,890 screens in 22 markets for $6.1m.

The sci-fi action opened in fifth place in Italy on $870,000 from 285 and launched at number one in Portugal on $180,000 from 52. The UK stands at $12.1m after four and Spain has generated $6m after three.

Julie & Julia grossed $950,000 this weekend on 788 screens in eight markets for an early $8.3m international running total. The drama has taken $1.5m in France after two, $3.3m in the UK after three, and $2.4m in Germany after four.

Summit International reported that Guiseppe Tornatore’s Baaria opened top in Italy and Italian-speaking Switzerland on $3.4m from 514 screens.

  • Fox International’s Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs added $1.8m in Italy where it has now reached $42m. The film took $2.2m overall to stand at $681m.

Romantic comedy (500) Days Of Summer earned $1.4m this weekend, with $711,000 of that coming from Australia’s second weekend. The international tally stands at $9.4m.

The Final Destination grossed $5.8m through Warner Bros Pictures International and New Line International territories from 2,400 screens in 39 markets for $85.7m. The horror title ranked second in its third weekend in Russia as $1.1m from 360 raised the score to $12.5m.

Comedy The Hangover grossed $2m from 1,450 screens in 46 markets for $182.1m.