Dogwoof has picked up UK rights to Snoop Dogg documentary Reincarnated.

Dogwoof is partnering with Vice Films and Snoopadelic Films on the UK theatrical release of Snoop Dogg documentary Reincarnated, which premiered at Toronto.

The deal was struck by Oli Harbottle of Dogwoof and producers Vice Films and Snoopadelic Films.

Out in UK cinemas 22 March, the Andy Capper-directed film sees the infamous rapper change his name to Snoop Lion, travel to Jamaica, immerse himself in Rastafarian culture and produce his first reggae record.

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Vice Films and Snoopadeic Films on the UK release of Reincarnated,” Harbottle told Screen. “Snoop Dogg’s transition to Snoop Lion makes for a film which is both highly entertaining but also serves as a fascinating insight into his character. The scheduled 22 March release is timed to coincide with the US release a week prior, and shortly before the release of his first album under his new identity.”