Public agencies Eye International and the Dutch Film Fund have confirmed details of a groundbreaking new scheme to offer financial support to international distributors and sales agents handling Dutch movies.

This new funding comes out of the €300,000 a year that the Film Fund now devotes to all round distribution support.

€10,000 is the maximum available for support of the foreign distribution of a Dutch movie. Meanwhile, up to €20,000 is available for the dubbing costs of Dutch film abroad. (The support for dubbing is intended to support the export of children’s films - an area of Dutch production that is currently thriving.)

“I believe that as has been proven in other countries with a distribution support system, like France and Germany, foreign distributors will be more interested in taking a Dutch film into distribution. Because the quality is there,” Eye International’s Claudia Landsberger commented of the new-found support. She believes that the extra money - which she has long been lobbying for - will bring the Dutch into lne with other European countries, which also offer incentives to foreign distributors and sales agents.

Support for international festival selection (maximum 1,500 Euros) and support for sales deliveries (maximum 6,000 Euros) is also available.