Alberto Rodriguez’s Spanish thriller sold to territories including US, France, Japan, China.

Vicente Canales’ Film Factory has sold Spanish box-office hit Unit 7 to the US (HBO), German speaking Europe (Tiberius), France (Zylo), CIS (Carmen Films), Scandinavia (Take 1), Brasil (Playarte), Latin American pay TV (HBO), Portugal (Zon Lusomundo), Japan (Interfilms), China (Edko), and Taiwan (Bitwell).

After its success in the Spanish box office with $2.2m grossed, Unit 7, an action thriller set in 1990s Seville, has just seen a rerelease in Spain as it is one of the final three contenders to represent Spain in the Oscar race.

Unit 7, directed by Alberto Rodríguez, 7 Virgins, is based in true events and pursuits a group of policemen who try to “clean” the streets from drug addicts and criminals in downtown Seville in order to improve the city for the World Fair celebrated in 1992. Mario Casas stars alongside Antonio de la Torre, Inma Cuesta and Julián Villagrán.

José Antonio Félez produced for Atípica Films.