Iranian producer Katayoun Shahabi is working on a feature-length documentary revolving around two former veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, one hailing from Iran and the other from the United States.

Tehran-based Shahabi, who is back at the market with her Sheherazade Media International, is co-producing the film with the France’s Interscoop.

The documentary is drawn from filmmaker Fima Emami’s own experience with her father, a shell-shocked former veteran of the 1980s Iran-Iraq War.

Emami and co-director Reza Daryanoushi have also located a US veteran of the second Gulf War, now living in Canada as a deserter.

Shahabi is also developing a second documentary capturing the situation of woman in Iran today.  Oliver Mille of Paris-based Artline is co-producing and co-directing alongside Iranian filmmaker Mina Keshavarz.