The UK-based distirbutor makes its first foray into production with fantasy action thriller

Metrodome Distribution is making its first move into production with Ryan Little’s live action fantasy thriller Dragon Fire, starring Vinnie Jones and Danny Glover, through its new production arm Cinedome.

The UK distribution outfit will co-produce the film, which is based on Herman Meville’s Moby Dick, with US company Koan Productions.  Shooting begins today (Feb 2) in Utah and is expected to last for 3 to 4 weeks. The film is due to be delivered in November this year.

Metrodome will distribute the film in the UK and Ireland and will retain an equity stake in the film worldwide.

Metrodome’s CEO Peter Urie said the company has been planning a move into production for about a year and chose Dragon Fire as its first venture, “because we have had quite a bit of success, on the distribution side, with fantasy films based around dragons [Dragon Hunter and The Dragon Chronicles], and for some reason the British public seems to like dragons.”

Metrodome plans to produce up to four films a year, with different producing partners, both in the US and UK. Urie added: “We are looking at a number of scripts and are keen to work with both US and British producers and directors, as it’s important for us to support British talent.”

Urie said that Metrodome would have a “significant level of creative imput” into its co-productions. “The timing is perfect, as films are getting scarcer, and it’s quite a challenge for us to pick up movies, as a distributor, that we believe in. This way, rather than solely relying on others, we can grow our own films.

“It’s a low risk way of getting involved, because we are not putting in a significant amount of cash, but we are putting up a significant amount of talent and expertise,” he added.