Annette Clarke produces and Ariel Nasr directs.

The National Film Board of Canada has announced a number of key sales on its documentary The Boxing Girls of Kabul, which will screen at the forthcoming Hot Docs in Toronto (April 26-May 6).

Deals have been done for the US by In Demand; in French Canada by TV 5; for Latin America Pan Regional TV by Direct TV and DLA; in Israel by DBS; in Korea by KBS; in France by France Televisions; in Russia by 24 Doc; and in Japan by NHK.

Annette Clarke produces and Ariel Nasr directs the 100% NFB production.

The film is about young Afghan women who hone their boxing skills with a tenacious coach, who may even have Olympic dreams.

NFB’s other projects (including co-productions) at Hot Docs include Rosie Dransfeld’s Who Cares, Shira Avni’s Petra’s Poem, Corey Lee’s Legend of a Warrior and Maya Gallus’ The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche.