The studio plans a nationwide theatrical release in September on Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Doulerain’s thriller. Lionsgate will release on ancillary platforms through its partnership with Roadside.

Branded follows a man’s fight against a shadowy global conspiracy to keep the population passive and dependent. Ed Stoppard, Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor, Ingeborga Dabkunaite and Max Von Sydow star.

Bradshaw co-founded Hollywood creative advertising agency Ignition Creative and Doulerain is chief creative officer at Russian network TNT. The pair co-wrote and also produced Branded

“We’re excited to release Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Doulerain’s mind-bending, futuristic thriller Branded, which is a kind of film we haven’t done before,” Roadside co-president Howard Cohen said.

Cohen negotiated the deal behalf of Roadside Attractions with Cassian Elwes and Dean Cheley for Barbossa Production and the filmmakers.