Event cinema company launches screening after The Interview is pulled.

Secret Cinema has announced a special one-off film screening in Europe and America, in protest against the ‘censorship’ of The Interview, whose theatrical release was cancelled on 17 December after threats from the hacking group Guardians of Peace.

The screenings of the film, which remains a secret, will take place in London, San Francisco and Rome on Sunday 21 December, with all proceeds going to the global free speech charity Article 19.

Secret Cinema is encouraging people across Europe to host their own screenings live, at 7.30pm GMT/9pm CET.

The UK screening will be held in East London and will cost £25 per person.

In August this year, Secret Cinema held a charity screening of Dead Poet’s Society in the UK, New York and Prague, which raised over £24,000 for Mind, the mental health charity.​