Wild Side Films has picked up rights for France, Splendid Film for Germany; Golden Harvest, Catchplay, Encore among those active in Asia.

Following Space Battleship Yamato’s world premiere at last month’s American Film Market, TBS (Tokyo Broadcast System) continues to close sales deals for the sci-fi action spectacle.

In Asia, Golden Harvest have bought rights in China, Hong Kong and Macau while Taiwanese rights went to Catchplay. Encore Films bought combined rights for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Sahamongkolfilm International made a deal for Thai rights.

Boosting Yamato’s international profile, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recorded an original song for the film. US offers are also reportedly on the table.

Space Battleship Yamato opened the top of the Japanese box office over the weekend, denying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 a third week at number one.

Released on December 1 - annual “movie day” - Space Battleship Yamato earned $11.35m (Y944m) from 440 screens in its first five days. The weekend take totaled $6.35m (Y528m) on 412,000 admissions. Distributor Toho is predicting a payday north of $60m.

Based on the internationally-distributed 1970s animated series, also known as Star Blazers, the franchise’s first live action adaptation’s cast includes star Takuya Kimura, Meisa Kuroki, Toshiro Yanagiba and Reiko Takashima. Director Takashi Yamazaki formerly directed the Always films and is a veteran of Yamato’s lead CG company Shirogumi.