Both films have played on the midnight circuit and will get the benefit of the web-based service that enables people to vote which films screen at their local theatres.

Paramount microbudget genre label Insurge announced on Friday (9) that it will release The Loved Ones (pictured) in theatres nationwide in June followed by a Tugg campaign to take the horror tale to local theatres.

Sean Byrne’s film premiered at Toronto in 2009 and follows an unfortunate young man who turns down a prom date only for her to force him into a horrifying private party with her deranged father. It screens during SXSW at the Alamo Drafthouse Village on Friday.

Drafthouse Films said The FP would be available on the Tugg platform.

Brandon Trost and Jason Trost’s SXSW 2011 entry tells of rival gangs in a competitive dance-fight video game.