The streaming start-up has added a trio of titles to its July line-up.

Antonio Naharro and Álvaro Pastor’s Spanish rom-com Me, Too (Yo, También), Veiko Õunpuu’s Estonian dark comedy The Temptation Of St. Tony (Püha Tõnu) and Semih Kaplanoglu’s Turkish drama Egg (Yumurta) will be available to stream on the company’s website.

The expanded schedule doubles Vyer’s previous release rate of one title every other week and the newly introduced titles will be available on July 8.

Going forward films will become available on the first day of each month.

“Our focus at Vyer Films is not simply putting films out into the digital space, but connecting audiences to those films,” said Vyer Films founder and CEO K C McLeod.

“We understand that that not every story will immediately appeal to every viewer and so we wanted to give our audience the opportunity to treat every month at Vyer Films like an art opening.

“You can see the art you are most interested in first, then once satisfied, start to explore other work you might know less about, or have lower expectations of, only to discover an unexpected hidden gem.”