he film, titled 3DNA, will cost $3m, and will feature Taiwanese rock band Mayday.

Taiwan-based Double Edge Entertainment announced to produce the first live-action 3D concert movie in Asia, featuring Taiwanese rock band Mayday.

The film, titled 3DNA, will cost $3m, to be co-produced by Double Edge Entertainment and B’ In Music, Taipei-based record company and concert organizer. Double Edge will also handle international sales of the film, aiming to release the film theatrically in Feb 2011. Double Edge will also handle DVD rights and 3D TV rights of the film.

The film will be co-directed by Taiwanese Chang Jung-chih and Kao Ping-chuan. Chang’s documentary My Football Summer won Best Documentary Film at 2006 Golden Horse Awards while Kao’s The Soul of Bread won Best Director title in 2007 Taipei Film Awards. Stereography will be handled by Chu Chuan-li. The narrative of the film will be about the process of two filmmakers persuading the band to make a documentary in 3D about their DNA world-wide tour in 2010. 

Mayday is currently touring in Asia and the two filmmakers have begun taking footage of the concert with 3D stereographic cameras in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. The main part of the film will be shot in Taichung City of Taiwan on July 24, the last concert of Mayday’s DNA tour.

The project is seen as another Double Edge’s attempt reaching to the mainland China market, after announcing in March the co-production Black and White with mainland’s state-owned China Film Group. Rock band Mayday has a large fan base in mainland China: Its recent Shanghai concert attracted an audience of 70,000. “The main purpose of the film is to make mainland Chinese audience to go to cinemas to enjoy the concert in 3D,” says Steve Chicorel, international sales director of Double Edge.

The project also marks electronics firm BenQ Electronics Corporation’s move into 3D content production. BenQ is the holding company of Double Edge and has been producing 3D TV sets and 3D mobile phones. Earlier this month, Korean electronics firm Samsung announced to co-op with James Cameron and his production team to create 3D contents including concert films and music videos featuring South Korean celebrities managed by SM Entertainment Co. It is understood that as Samsung’s competitor in 3D TV, BenQ has thus decided to let its subsidiary company Double Edge to announce the production earlier than planned, in order to get ahead of 3D TV content development.