Jacques-Eric Strauss, president of the European Film Export Association (EFEA), has officially launched the body's international arbitration procedure.

The service - offered to all European international distribution companies, regardless of whether they are EFEA members - will help settle business disputes relating to film exports.

The arbitrators are industry professionals selected for their experience and knowledge of the distribution business and recently participated in a training session in Paris.

The EFEA's aim is to enforce a rigorous policy in how business deals are conducted and to help resolve disputes via an arbitration award.

The awards are enforceable in court in countries which have ratified the New York Convention (a.k.a The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards).

In a press release, the EFEA said, 'Arbitration is the best and most effective solution for the resolution of international disputes. EFEA's commitment is to provide European companies with a prompt and affordable procedure: reasonable arbitrators' fees and reasonable procedure's length.'