Both films will have market premieres at Cannes Market.

New York-based, production, distribution, and sales company, Elephant Eye Films, has acquired international rights to Tribeca Film Festival films The Swell Season [pictured] and Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Both films will be market premieres in Cannes.

The Swell Season, co-directed by first-timers Nick August-Perna, Chris Dapkins, and Carlo Mirabella-Davis, is about the changing relationship between Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the musicians who starred in Oscar winner Once.

EEF parter Kim Jose said: “The voyeuristic look into a struggling and changing relationship makes Swell Season an emotional experience usually felt in actual relationships, rather then reactions felt from watching a documentary.”

Panos Cosmatos’ debut film Beyond The Black Rainbow Panos is a sci-fi fable set in a futuristic 1983, when a young woman is imprisoned in an experimental laboratory.

Jose added: “We are certain that Beyond the Black Rainbow will launch Panos Cosmatos into a category of directors reserved only for the masterminds of cinema. Although packed with homages to unforgettable films from its genre, Beyond the Black Rainbow is the most original and stunning film we have seen in years.”

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