Emma Scott has been named asthe new production executive the Irish Film Board (IFB). Scott has worked for morethan 15 years in the film industry, in her own company, Liquid Films, as afreelancer, as head of production with Irish Screen, and more recently with MRFilms where she commissioned feature film projects.

At the IFB Scott will workwith CEO Simon Perry and fellow production executive Alan Maher. She will beinvolved in the selection process for production funding and will manage aslate of IFB-supported films, including feature, documentaries, animation andshort films from pre-application stage through to production.

The IFB has also announcedthe appointment of Sarah Dillon as the new production & development co-ordinator.Dillon will work with the core creative team of the development executive(recently advertised) and the two production executives. This will includecontracting and monitoring the progress of all projects selected for developmentfunding, including feature films, documentaries and animation, and for themaintenance of the agency's development files. Dillon was appointed to the roleof administrative assistant at the IFB earlier this year.