Kristian Taska, the young writer-producer who broke the Estonia box-office record with his feature debut Names In Marble, is in the final weeks of shooting his highly anticipated second film, We Won't Sleep Tonight.

It is the first of its kind to be shot in both Estonian and English language versions. Directed by his father Ilmar Taska, a writer-producer in his own right, We Won't Sleep Tonight is a psychological thriller written by well-known Estonian playwrights Jaan Tätte and Mihkel Ulman as well as Kristian Taska.

It stars Estonian fashion model Carmen Kass alongside local actress Maria Avdjushko as well as Priit Võigemast and Finland's Peter Franzen, who both starred in Names In Marble. It is lensed by Istvan Borbas, the Sweden-based but Hungarian-born cinematographer behind such films as Roy Andersson's Songs From The Second Floor.

The Euros 639,000 We Won't Sleep Tonight is primarily financed through the Estonian Film Foundation, but New York media investments firm Zodiac Capital also acts as production and financing partner. The shoot wraps on Aug 12 and the film is expected to be ready for release in Feb 2004.

Names In Marble, which was directed by Elmo Nüganen, holds the admissions record in Estonia, with 167,400 admissions and Euros 558,000 at the local box office. The film was based on an acclaimed 1935 novel about the War of Liberation (1918-1920) that ensured Estonia's independence.