Eurimages, the Council of Europe's film fund, has come on board to support 11 feature films for a total of $6.2m (Euros 4.38m) at its last meeting which ended Oct 16.

The co-productions supported are:
Aeblet & Ormen by Josef Fares & Anders Morgenthaler (Denmark, Sweden)
Appelsinpiken by Eva Dahr (Norway, Spain, Germany)
Das weisse Band by Michael Haneke (Germany, France, Austria, Italy)
Der grosse Kater by Markus Imboden (Switzerland, Germany)
Die Fliegerkosmonauten by Marian Kiss (Germany, Poland)
Enter the Void by Gaspar Noe (France, Germany, Italy)
Hayaller by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey, France, Italy)
Hayat Var by Reha Erdem (Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria)
Ne te retourne pas by Marina De Van (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy)
Snow by Aida Begic Zubcevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France)
Trilogy II: The Dust of Time by Theo Angelopoulos (Greece, Italy, Germany)

Eurimages has also given funding to the following distributors for specific releases: Orion Invest (Serbia), Heft (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Denk (Turkey), S.C. Cinecorvin (Romania), Balkan Film (FYROM), MCF Megacom (Serbia), Mirius Tuck (Serbia), Maniki (FYROM), Clorofilm (Romania), Oskar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kids Film Fest (Serbia), Euro Film Dooel (FYROM), Art Servis (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Youth Cultural Center (FYROM), Art Zone (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bir Film Ithalat (Turkey), Pro Films (Bulgaria), Tropik Film & Video (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pa-Dora (Croatia), Pro Vision (Serbia), Belge Film (Turkey), Ektran (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Discovery (Hungary), Tiglon (Turkey), Chicago Tour (Romania), UCD (Croatia), Tuck (Serbia) and Vadi Van Kris (Bulgaria).