Universal/UPI’sFast & Furiousmaintained its devastating early pace as the action sequel delivered an estimated $46.5m weekend haul from 5,118 venues in 50 territories to race to an early $91m international running total.

In North America the film tore past $115m in its second weekend and remained the top selling release worldwide with more than $200m at the global box office.

Fast & Furious
opened at number one in all of its 18 new territories over the holiday weekend, led by $8.6m from 545 in Russia as UPI executives hailed the ninth biggest opening weekend of all time.

The UK generated $7.5m (£5m) from 362 to claim 33% market share on the back of Friday’s $3.4m (£2.4m) haul that delivered Universal’s biggest UK opening day ever and the biggest of the year-to-date in the territory.

Fast & Furious
grossed $6m in France from 485 sites, $1.2m in Belgium from 46, and $1.1m in Switzerland from 69. Vin Diesel and friends broke the industry opening day record in the U.A.E and grossed a staggering $1.1m from just 25 venues for the weekend, while Singapore produced $1m from 27.

In holdovers, Germany and Mexico both stayed top on $3m from 614 after a 49% drop for $10.7m and $2.3m from 458 following a 40% fall for $8.6m, respectively. Spain ranked third on $1.6m from 305 for $6.7m and South Korea placed second on $900,000 from 246 after a 25% slide for $2.4m.

Brazil also held on to the number one spot as $1.6m from 193 following a 25% drop raised the tally there to $4.7m. Fast & Furious moved up to number one in Argentina with $455,000 from 47 venues following a 17% slide for $1.1m. The film has already surpassed all three of the previous films in the franchise in six territories including South Korea and Mexico and ventures into six new markets next weekend, among them Australia, China and Italy.

Working Title’s The Boat That Rocked directed by Richard Curtis grossed $2.3m from 752 locations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK for an early $6.7m international running total. The drama inspired by the story of the 1960s pirate radio station Radio Caroline opened in third place in Australia on $1m from 240 and debuted in third place in New Zealand on $135,000 from 57. After two weekends in the UK it ranks fourth after adding $1.4m from 455 following a 28% fall for $5.8m.

The crime caper Duplicity grossed $2.5m from 1,925 venues in 20 territories for $21m and debuted in third place in Italy on $690,000 from 162 and fourth in Mexico on $490,000 from 259. There are 43 territories to go over the next three months.

In its second weekend of wide international release Monsters Vs Aliens grossed $26.5m through PPI from 7,400 sites, bringing the international running total to $92.7m. The two largest markets drove weekend business. Monsters Vs Aliens took $4.4m from 636 in the UK after climbing 13% for $16m, and $3.3m from 537 in Spain after an 18% rise for $7.5m, respectively.

The film’s weekend box office climbed 6% in Brazil on $1.2m for $3.2m, while Mexico added $1.8m for $6.9m and Australia produced $2.1m for $6.1m. The biggest of the five launches came from Hong Kong where Monsters Vs Aliens opened top on $573,000 from 38 locations.

added $1m from 986 locations in 60 territories for an international running total of $73.5m. The graphic novel adaptation has amassed more than $179m worldwide and is released in North America through Warner Bros.

Summit International’s sci-fi thriller Knowing enjoyed another excellent weekend as $11m from 2,284 venues in 27 markets raised the running total to $40.4m. The worldwide tally stands at $108.4m.

The film opened at number one in Spain on $2.2m from 330, debuted in third place in Germany on $1.3m from 440, and ranked number two in Brazil and The Netherlands.

Fox International’s Dragonball: Evolution opened in 28 new markets this weekend and grossed $10.6m from approximately 4,500 screens in 35 markets for a $37m tally.

The action fantasy opened well in Spain in third place on a little over $2m from 350, second in Italy on $1.3m from 391 and fifth in Australia on $907,506 from 193. The UK launch generated $539,754 from 316.

Dragonball: Evolution was a strong performer in Latin America, opening in fourth place in Brazil on $832,857 from 156, third in Mexico on just over $1m in from 564, third in Venezuela on an excellent $ 587,249 from 55, and second in Argentina on $272,678 from 48.

Finally $181,612 from 26 in Ecuador deserves special mention as it not only delivered a number one ranking but Fox’s sixth highest opening weekend of all time in the territory.

Marley & Me
added a further $3.5m from approximately 2,600 screens in 24 markets for a $90.1m running total. The comedy ranked third in its second weekend in Italy after adding $1.2m from 369 for $3.9m.

Family title Race To Witch Mountain added $5.2m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 2,275 screens in 23 territories, raising the early tally to $15m. The film opened in Australia on $1.2m from 270, the UK on $1m from 410, and Argentina on $380,000 from 47.

The romantic comedy Confessions Of A Shopaholic added $1.9m from 2,205 in 32 for $52m and debuted in Brazil on $350,000 from 80. The animated release Ponyo On The Cliff launched in France on $1.1m from 180, which was roughly 30% less than Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away grossed on its debut.

Gran Torino
is approaching $90m after Clint Eastwood’s drama grossed $4m through Warner Bros Pictures International from more than 2,300 screens in 54 territories for $87.8m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop added $2.4 from 1,370 screens in 20 markets for $24.6m. Holdover highlights came from Germany and the UK, where the film ranked second and added $1.3m from 509 for $8.5m after three weekends, and ranked tenth on $340,000 from 334 for $6.7m after four, respectively. The film ranks 11th in Australia on a $2.9m tally after four and second in Austria with a $1.7m running total after three.