Producers Ciara Barry, from barrycrerar, and Irune Gurtubai from Caravan Cinema, are at the forefront of Scotland’s burgeoning production scene.

Screen spoke to the duo at Berlin’s European Film Market (EFM), where they are attending under Screen Scotland’s Market Leaders program, which aims to promote new films coming out Scotland.

Watch the interview below.

Ciara Barry talked about her new film, Run, the third feature by Scott Graham. Produced with Rosie Crerar and their company barrycrerar, Run has just completed postproduction and is the story of a 35-year-old man stuck in the seaside town where he grew up, and sees his son starting to make the same mistakes he made.

Barry is interested in “the new wave of Scottish films moving away from certain clichés and stereotypes”, especially films from “underrepresented voices, particularly women filmmakers”.

Irune Gurtubai, from Caravan Cinema, spoke about new feature Limbo that is being promoted at the EFM. The project, directed by Ben Sharrock who previously worked with Gurtubai on 2015’s Pikadero, is about a group of asylum seekers sent to a remote island in Scotland.

Originally from Spain, Gurtubai studied film in Scotland - where she met Sharrock - and has made it her home. Praising the “big effort being made to bring diversity into the Scottish industry”, Gurtubai’s career is an example of how Screen Scotland aims to support talent from education, through to the production stage and finally promoting projects at international markets.