Sales and distribution companies Festival Darlings, Eureka Entertainment and Pecadillo Pictures have signed digital content deals to make their films available on i-Tunes and Lovefilm.

The three companies are working with Re:fine, the UK-based content processing and repurposing company, which has distribution deals with Lovefilm and a sub-distribution deal with i-Tunes.

Festival Darlings, which launched in May, aims to act as a direct link between producers and consumers by selling through the internet and had boosted its efforts with a technical and distribution deal with Re:fine

Re:fine has also signed a technical and distribution deal with Eureka Entertainment and will initially focus on its Master of Cinema collection of classic films. The portfolio, including Faust, Metropolis and Jeffrey Levy-Hinte’s Soul Power (pictured), is now available on i-Tunes and will be on Lovefilm by the end of the year.  It is the first time the portfolio of classics has been made available on any digital platform.

Meanwhile, Pecadillo Pictures, which is best known for distributing arthouse, gay and lesbian and world cinema titles, has placed its entire catalogue with Re:fine. It will make five titles, including Cockles and Mussels, available from May.

Anita O’Donnell, director at Re:fine, said: “We believe that this is the first time a company who traditionally fulfils technical services is also offering commercial services to allow film distributors a direct route to consumers.”

Re:fine has range of digital storage and distribution deals in place with a variety of entertainment content owners, such as E1 Entertainment and All3 Media.