Start-up Hong Kong production and sales outfit, Film Asia Entertainment, is unveiling a slate of new product at the Asian Film Market, headed by Malaysian 3D thriller The Hunter and Joe Chien’s zombie movie Zombie 108.

Directed by Bjarne Wong, The Hunter was shot entirely in 3D with Red cameras in the Borneo jungle on a budget of $2m (RM6m). The story follows a documentary film crew who head into the jungle and come face-to-face with tribal headhunters.

Produced by Malaysia’s Asia Entertainment Media (AEM), the mixed English and Cantonese-language film is currently in post-production for release next summer. The pan-Asian cast includes Malaysian star Sharifah Amani, China’s Rocky Lou, Korea’s Harisu and Taiwanese diva Tavani Hu.

Chien’s Zombie 108, one of Film Asia’s own productions, is also in post-production. Billed as the first Chinese movie to combine scenes of the apocalypse with zombies, the film depicts the city of Taipei overrun with the living dead after a nuclear disaster in nearby Japan. The cast includes Taiwanese veteran Jack Kao, Yvonne Yao, Morris Rong and Dennis To. 

Also on Film Asia’s slate are Tommy Lor’s martial arts drama Choy Lee Fut, starring Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah; horror film Dark Wedding which Bjarne Wong and Bosco Lam will start shooting next month, and taekwondo action pic High Kickers, directed by Xie Yi and starring Eva Huang.  

The company is also preparing $10m martial arts epic, The Master Of Hung Kuen, to be directed by Lau Kar-leung, which is scheduled to start shooting next year.

Busan’s Asian Film Market is only the second market outing for recently-launched Film Asia following Hong Kong Filmart in March this year. The company also plans to attend the American Film Market and Cannes.

Based in Hong Kong, the company is involved in the production and global distribution of Chinese-language films, TV programming and music videos. Distribution president Kenneth Yeung previously worked with CIC Home Entertainment, handling product from Paramount and Universal in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong-based distributor Kam & Ronson Media Group.