The new Film Policy Review panel in the UK has launched a public survey to ask film industry experts and audiences how the UK government can best support the film sector.

As previously reported, Creative Industries Minister Ed Vaizey has appointed former Culture Secretary Lord Chris Smith to chair an eight-member panel to conduct an independent review of Government film policy. The panel also includes Will Clarke, Julian Fellowes, Matthew Justice, Michael Lynton, Tim Richards, Tessa Ross, Libby Savill, and Iain Smith. This move comes after the UK Film Council was abolished (its office doors officially closed today) and some of its functions transfered over to the British Film Institute.

The panel’s survey (link at bottom of story) covers areas ranging from production, development, distribution and exhibition as well as film heritage and education.

Of the survey, Smith [pictured] said: “We want to hear from everyone involved in UK films. Film-makers, distributors, audiences and experts can all offer a useful perspective on how Government policy can help our film industry grow.”

Topics included on the survey include big-picture thinking as well as specific areas of work. Respondents don’t have to answer every question, only those they feel comfortable answering.

Some of the questions include:

  • What do you think are the key global challenges affecting the film industry in the next five years?
  • How can the British film industry best prepare to address these challenges?
  • What do you think is the most important issue to be addressed in the future deployment of public funds for development?
  • Should slate funding be considered for the future?
  • Government would like to help build viable independent UK film companies. How can this best be achieved?
  • What are the implications of new distribution models now entering the industry?
  • What do you think is the most important issue to be addressed for the future of theatrical exhibition of films? 
  • Are co-productions important for the UK industry?
  • There is a view that in the UK, we do not have enough cross-sectoral expertise or sectoral integration. How can we ensure that talented individuals work together across sectors?
  • Do you think there is enough available film material that speaks to people from diverse communities, and to children and young people?
  • What in your view are the main obstacles to change in the British film industry?
  • How might Government incentivise the private sector to invest more in the British film industry?

This comes as the Film Policy Review had a closed meeting today with some invited-only UK producers. The day’s schedule included an open floor talk about “recoupment options and rewarding success; exploring the link between production, distribution and exhibition in the changing film landscape; the role of broadcasters in the UK film ecology.”

The Review panel is expected to report its findings to Ed Vaizey by the end of the year. The survey closes Sept 9.

The survey can be found here.