FilmFour is on board for Irish film-makers LennyAbrahamson and Mark O'Halloran's follow-up to theiraward-winning comedy Adam & Paul.

O'Halloran wrote and Abrahmsonwill direct Garage, about asmall-town misfit. The new film will star Pat Shorttand Anne Marie Duff.

The project willshoot for six weeks starting Aug 14 in Ireland.

The filmmakerswill again work with Dublin-based Element Films, with Ed Guineyproducing and Andrew Lowe serving as executive producer. FilmFouris financing with the Irish Film Board, RTE, the Broadcasting Commission ofIreland and Irish tax scheme Section 481.

''At FilmFour we're always looking for the fresh take, theunexpected angle, films which if you like look at our at contemporary worldthrough cracked glasses," said Peter Carlton, FilmFoursenior commissioning executive. "This script hits that exacts spot. Lenny andMark are just the kind of visionary filmmaking talent we want to back. They'vetaken a genre we think we know and think may have had its day - the small-towndrama - and used it to make something new, poignant and hilarious."