EXCLUSIVE: FilmSharks International has been active on its remake catalogue, optioning Italian remake rights on Diego Kaplan’s hit Argentinian comedy 2 + 2 to Mediaset subsidiary TaoDue.

Guido Rud is in talks for US, German, South Korea and Mexican versions of the erotic swingers comedy (pictured) produced by Disney-owned Patagonik. Paris Filmes previously acquired Brazilian remake rights.

Patagonik’s hit comedy Just Like Me is also being turned into an Italian feature following a deal with Colorado Film, while Rud added that a Brazilian deal was imminent.

FilmSharks has licensed the Chinese version of A Boyfriend For My Wife to New Classics Media, while Paris Filmes has taken the Brazilian version and producer Inna Payan is on board for Mexican remake rights.

In another deal, Rishiraj Shukla and Abhijeet Singh Baghel from I-Shape Interactive have optioned Indian remake rights to Santiago Segura’s production Unresolved Sexual Tension. The US version for the same property is imminent.

Rud has also optioned Spanish TV rights on Mexican comedy The Noble Family to Morena Films and Colombian-Argentinian feature remake rights to Patagonik.

“Today’s producers are looking for high concepts that can be remade and/or easily adapted for local markets and we are a key player for selling remakes worldwide,” said Rud.