Co-produced by Spanish Alta Realitat and Norwegian Frost Media, The Frost, is a mystical drama inspired by Henrik Ibsen's play Little Eyof.

The first feature by Spain's, Ferran Audi, The Frost has an international cast with Sweden's Lars Noren as a screen writer (Details), and Spain's David Omedes as the director of photography (Salvador).

The film was shot on location in Norway and was filmed mainly in Norwegian and English with some Spanish and Swedish dialogue.

Eirik Vaage, The Frost's Norwegian co-producer said, 'Co-producing a major film is a challenge. Cultures collide and language problems fuel misunderstandings. This is the nature of a co-production, but The Frost is a testimony to the skilled craftsmanship of the Spanish and Norwegian film industry.'

Norwegian regional fund company, Film Fund Fuzz, which traditionally invests in Norwegian-German co-productions, invested $143,280 in the project.

Lars' Maroy, Film Fund Fuzz's managing director also praised the professionalism of the Spanish-Norwegian production, '[It] was exciting for all parties, especially since it was a debut in so many aspects. So we felt that we took a rather great investment risk.'

'However, we were reassured by the professional approach taken by all parts in the production, and are now very pleased to see the final result,' said Maroy.

With regard to the film's international appeal, Maroy commented, 'Outside Spain, where the cast could generate a great interest, what we are hoping for is to reach an arthouse audience interested in a brilliant Ibsen-film. '

Norwegian Trond Espen Seim (Troubled Water) and the Spanish Aitana Sanches-Gijon (The Machinist) are the main leads in this ghost drama, playing neglectful parents on a brink of complete self-destruction, after their son's accidental death.

The Frost will be the 80th film adaptation of an Ibsen's play.

The film has been submitted for Berlinale 2009.