Fox International's Night At The Museum stayed on top of the competition and crossed $100m with an estimated $29.8m from 5,000 screens in 38 markets that raised the overseas tally to $116.7m.

The family title opened in Greece on $900,000 from 66 screens and opened top in Peru on $471,000 from 82 in the eighth biggest industry opening.

The weekend result was powered by strong second weekend holds that saw a $5.9m number one gross from 486 screens in the UK for $27.5m, while Germany generated $5.5m from 860 for $14.7m.

In other second weekend holds, Museum took $2.7m from 363 in Australia for $10.1m, $2m from 876 for $12.5m in Mexico, and $3.7m from 456 for $8.5m in Russia.

Museum stayed top in its third weekend in South Korea, an excellent result that was fuelled by a $2.5m gross from 344 that elevated the tally to $20.2m.

Eragon was the third biggest film overseas behind Museum and Casino Royale, and took $15.4m from 7,200 screens in 55 markets for $139.3m. Fox International's fantasy adventure opened top in Argentina and Chile on $295,000 from 90 and $280,000 from 66 respectively.

It added $3.8m from 759 for $17.9m in France in its third week, and stands at $12.6m in Germany after four, and $12.8m in Spain and $12.5m in Japan after the same amount of time.

A Good Year had a bad weekend in France, where it opened on a dismal $721,000 from 209 screens. Overall the drama has amassed $22.8m. Casino Royale added $19.2m from 5,045 screens in 60 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and overtook The Incredibles ($370m) and The Sixth Sense ($368m) to become the 24th biggest international release on $371.5m.

The 007 release is expected to The Lost World: Jurassic Park's $386m next weekend and at this rate has a shot at crossing $400m. Weekend business was boosted by a $4.6m number one launch in Italy for a new franchise record. Casino Royale added $2.3m in the UK for $99.1m and by the end of the week should become only the third film to cross $100m after Titanic and The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.

Germany has produced $46.8m and the film remains the box office leader in Brazil, Switzerland, Norway and Finland. Open Season stands at $99m internationally and the animated film is expected to cross the magic milestone within days. Happy Feet grossed $13.4m from approximately 5,600 prints in 59 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for $141.1m. The animated hit took $3.3m from 403 prints in Australia to rank top for the second consecutive weekend on $15.2m.

The UK has generated $32.1m after five. In the first international launches Blood Diamond took $3.4m from 514 screens, fuelled by $1.5m in Australia from 188 prints, third place in Brazil on $622,000 from 100, second in Taiwan on $556,000 from 76, and first place in Singapore on $332,000 from 30. The last two results include previews. The Prestige added $2.8m from 26 markets for $35.6m, The Departed added $2.2m from 34 markets for $119.7m through all distributors, Letters From Iwo Jima has grossed $30.3m in Japan where it remains the number one release in its fifth weekend, and Flags Of Our Fathers stands at $25.1m.

The Holiday will cross $100m this week after taking $12m from 3,188 sites in 43 territories through UPI for $91m. The romantic comedy opened in Hong Kong in second place on $350,000 from 23 venues. It ranks fourth in the UK and stands at $22.8m after five weekends, fourth in Germany on $12.1m after four, and $5m in France where it ranks third after 12 days.

Children Of Men added $100,000 from 60 sites in 10 UPI territories for $28.1m, which includes $9.2m from the UK and $2.4m from France. PPI/DreamWorks Animation's Flushed Away added $7.2m from 4,041 screens in 56 territories for $92.2m. The film grossed $1.2m from 239 in Italy for $7m, and stands at $18.9m in the UK and $9.6m in France.

Babel added $2m through PPI/Paramount Vantage from 249 screens in five territories for $12.4m. It stayed top in Spain on $1.5m from 185 sites for $4.3m. Charlotte's Web took $3.4m from 1,881 venues in 16 territories for $15.2m. It opened in six territories including Germany, where $965,000 from 392 included previews. Lionsgate's Saw III took $550,000 for a solid $60m international running total. The film opened in New Zealand and Hungary.

Lionsgate UK reported an excellent $2m UK opening for the comedy Employee Of The Month on 320 screens. Buena Vista International executives had not returned calls at time of writing