After a record first half in 2006, the first six months of 2007 have seen a 12% drop in film attendance in France. However, the 90.5m admissions racked up are an increase over 2005.

That figure comes from France's Film Federation (FNCF), which represents the nation's exhibitors, while the National Film Center (CNC) has a slightly different total with 93.1m tickets sold.

The top ten films of the year through the end of June brought in 9m fewer moviegoers than the top ten in the early part of 2006. But, last year was heavily affected by Patrice Leconte's Les Bronzes 3 which sold 10.4m tickets in its first few months of release.

The top ten films of the half-year were Spider-Man 3, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: Dead Man's Chest, La Vie En Rose, Taxi 4, Shrek The Third, Night At The Museum, Ensemble, C'est Tout, 300, The Lives Of Others and Le Prix A Payer.

The FNCF also notes that given the negative box office impact the World Cup had last summer, the second half of 2007 should enable the industry to play a bit of catch up.

Indeed, for the month of June, 13.35m tickets were sold which is a 12.6% increase on 2006, according to the CNC. French films are maintaining a strong presence with 44.3% of the market share.