France's Institute for the Financing of Cinema & Cultural Industry (IFCIC)has awarded its third annual "young independent production company" prize toElia Films.

The award was created in2004 and comes with a $13,216 (Euros 10,000) purse, which goes to a companythat has successfully sought financing for and either prepared or produced afeature film with particular professionalism in the previous year.

Elia was founded in 2000 andis run by Pauline Duhault. The company's filmography includes La Chatte A DeuxTetes by Jacques Nolot, Mister Vby Emilie Deleuze, Les Amateurs fromMartin Valente and Le Temps DesPorte-Plumes by Daniel Duval. Valente's Fragile(s)and Nolot's Avant Que J'Oublieare currently in post-production.

IFCIC was created in 1983and guarantees bank loans for film and TV producers.