Christmas season is in full swing as Fred Claus opens to number one in the UK box office, generating nearly $4m (£2m) in its first weekend.

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The festive comedy, distributed by Warner Bros, took $3.9m (£1.9m) from 445 sites and enjoyed the highest site average in the top 20 at $8,986 (£4,353) per site. The film sees Vince Vaughn reunite with Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin. It also stars Paul Giamatti and Rachel Weisz.

Twentieth Century Fox's crime thriller Hitman opened to number two this weekend with a $2.5m (£1.2m) take from 349 sites for a $7.339 (£3,555) site average. The video game adaptation stars Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, who is on the run from the Russian military after being involved in a political conspiracy. Dougray Scott also stars.

Ridley Scott's American Gangster was ousted out of the top slot this weekend, falling 43% to number three. The crime saga, released through Universal Pictures International (UPI), generated $2.1m (£1.03m) from 421 sites for a $5,063 (£2,453) site average. It has grossed $15.6m after three weekends on release.

Warner Bros' Beowulf fell 40% at the weekend, taking $1.8m (£870,627) from 445 sites. The CGI epic adventure enjoyed a $4,039 (£1,956) site average and has generated $12.3m (£6m) after three weekends on release.

Matthew Vaughn's fantasy Stardust is still enjoying its run in the top five after seven weekends on release. The adventure, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, fell just shy of the $1m mark, taking $956,524 (£463,340) from 404 sites for a $2,368 (£1.147) site average. It is released through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) and has taken nearly $30m (£14.4m) to date.

And Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille is proving to be one of this year's strongest performers at the UK box office - the animated adventure passed the $50m mark in its eighth weekend. It fell 43% over the three-day period to number six with a $787,521 (£381,475) take from 451 sites.

Fox enjoyed another top 10 hit with Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited. The quirky comedy fell 37% to number seven over the weekend with a $568,914 (£275,582) take. It played across 186 sites for a $3,059 (£1,482) site average and has taken nearly $2m (£1m) after two weekends on release.

Good Luck Chuck is proving that US comedies can hold their weight in the UK box office as the Dane Cook and Jessica Alba starrer took $530,656 (£257,050) in its fourth weekend. The film, released through Lionsgate UK, fell 50% to number eight over the weekend and has taken more than $8m (£3.8m) to date.

Psychedelic horror Shrooms fell 51% to number nine over the weekend with a $383,165 (£185,605) take from 229 sites. It had a $1,679 (£811) site average and is released in the through Vertigo Films. It has grossed $1.6m (£798,119) after two weekends on release.

And while Oscar-buzz surrounds The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, the Warner Bros film opened to number 10 in the UK over the weekend. The Western biopic, starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck, took $373,423 (£180,886) from just 61 sites for a $6,122 (£2,965) site average.

Elsewhere in the chart, Bollywood film Aaja Nachle opened to number 11 with a $349,754 (£169,421) take across 42 sites for the second highest site average at $8,327 (£4,034) while Michael Madsen starrer Strength And Honour opened in Ireland with a $110,029 take.

The top 20 films in the UK/Ireland generated $15.7m from 4.331 sites from the period of November 30-December 1 and were collectively down 38.2% compared to the same period in 2006.