Will French’s tax credit-based financier Film Production Capital (FPC) has secured more than $50m for the financing and acquisition of tax incentives for US productions filming in tax incentive states. French is meeting with producers at AFM.

FPC has become a national leader in tax credit financing since it opened its doors in Louisiana in 2003, having financed or acquired tax credits for nearly 70 productions  including the upcoming The Expendables, Stone and Father Of Invention with Kevin Spacey.

The company previously provided financing for Sandra Bullock’s Premonition in 2007 and Jamie Foxx’s Oscar-winning Ray in 2004.

“We’ll be looking to put all of our capital to work within the next 60-90 days,” French said. “This is a good time to be in production in tax incentive locales.”

FPC has offices in Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. French said he wanted to use the added capital resources to expand into top-tier incentive states like New Mexico, Massachusetts and New York.