On the eve of the Toronto International Film Festival, Astral’s Harold Greenberg Fund English-Language Program has announced its latest funding round through its Equity Investment Program.

The three projects backed (selected from 11 applications) are:

  • Cottage Country (Whizbang Films Inc.), screenwriter Jeremy Boxen. A dark comedy about marriage, social climbing and weekending at the cottage. Producer: Frank Siracusa, executive producer Paul Gross.
  • Mad Ship (Enigmatico Films Inc. and Buffalo Gal Pictures), screenwriters David Morton and Patricia Fogliato. A man tries to build a ship and sail out of the prarie dust bowl during the Great Depression. Executive producer: Danny Iron.
  • Still (Mulmur Feed Co. Ltd.) screenwriter Michael McGowan. A 90-year-old man has to battle housing authorities to build a home for his wife. The production team includes Michael McGowan, Avi Federgreen, Richard Hanet and Jody Colero.

Mad Ship and Still are new to the fund, while Cottage Country has already been supported by the Script Development Program.

“We are very excited to be involved with these films, each of which presents the filmmakers’ unique view on relationships- be it comedic or dramatic,” said John Galway, the Fund’s English-Language Program President. “These were the first round of projects to be supported in our new fiscal year, and we hope they mark the beginning of many exciting projects to come.”

The Equity Investment Program is funded by Viewer’s Choice and was established in 1992 to invest in Canadian dramas.