Singapore’s Clover Films and G&J Productions are joining forces with China’s Stellar Megamedia International (SMI) to co-produce $1.2m sports drama Meeting The Giant.

Stellar Megamedia is investing in the film and handling its release in China over its network of nearly 70 cinemas.

“This could possibly be the first Singapore-China co-production to be released in China given SMI’s commitment and efforts to ensure it will be screened in China,” said Lim Teck, managing director at Clover Films, which is investing in and distributing the film as well as handling sales outside China.

Inspired by a true story conceptualised by veteran actor Zhu Hou Ren, the film is about a group of young basketball players from China who go to Singapore to try out for a team financed by a magnate.

As they learn about adapting to lifestyle and expectations, the teenagers come to realise that making it in a foreign country will require more than raw talent. The film is set to tackle social issues such as foreign talent importation in Singapore.

Singaporean actor Tay Ping Hui will be making his directorial debut with the film. Danny Yeo is in charge of the script and the filmmakers are currently looking for new faces to play the young athletes.

The film is scheduled to start production at the end of July, mainly in Singapore with some shooting in China. It is aiming for completion in the second quarter of 2014.

“Singapore is a small market in terms of box office and we Singaporean filmmakers are always looking to break into other Chinese-speaking markets. With a China powerhouse like Stellar Megamedia involved, this movie represents the best chance for us to do that,” said Lim.