Italian film-maker GilRossellini, whose latest film Kill GilII premiered in Venicethis week, is hatching two new feature projects. RaiCinema has already committed to boarding romantic comedy Once Upon A Time In Parma, set in the communitywhere parmesan cheese is produced. Rossellini is co-writing and will alsoproduce. It is yet to be decided whether the film will be shot in Italian orEnglish.

Through his production company Rossellini and Associates, Rossellini is alsolooking to direct a smaller feature film, another romantic comedy with theworking title Periscope. This is setin communist-era northern Albaniaand looks at the mayhem that is caused when a young Italian woman is washed upon the beach.

Kill Gil I and Kill Gil II both chronicle Rossellini's experiences following afreak bacterial infection in late 2004 that has left him a paraplegic. Kill Gil I, which screened in Venicelast year, has shown at festivals around the world. It has also recently beensold to the Sundance Channel in the US.

Here in Venice, Rossellini has also beenpromoting the screening of the restored version of his father RobertoRossellini's neo-realist 1940s classic, Rome, Open City. This year marks thecentenary of Rossellini's birth.