Monty Python’s Life Of Brian can be shown in Glasgow for the first time after councillors lifted a ruling that effectively banned the film from the city’s cinemas for 29 years.

Councillors agreed to overturn the ban so the film can be screened in September at the Glasgow Film Theatre.

In 1980 the Glasgow licensing committee decided that the film could be shown only under an X certificate at cinemas licensed by the authority - not the AA-certificate given at the time by the British Board of Film Censors.

The change of heart followed a plea from the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) for that decision to be overturned to enable a special screening for the film under the 15-certificate given by the British Board of Film Classification.

Willie O’Rourke, vice-convener of the licensing and regulatory committee, said: “This is the first application we’ve received to show Monty Python’s Life Of Brian since the first request back in 1980.

“Life Of Brian has been broadcast on television over the years and is now widely available on DVD. The world, and people’s attitudes, have moved on in the last 30 years so I believe the committee made the right decision today.”