Milkshake Films hasconfirmed that it will go ahead with previously announced plans to shoot atthis summer’s World Cup in Germany for the final instalment in its football trilogy, Goal! 3.

“We’ll be filming the crowdsand filming the action, filming a dozen games or so entirely in documentarystyle,” Milkshake chairman and producer Mike Jefferies says.

The producer confirmed that the trilogy is set to come on target for itsoverall budget of $100m.

The Goal! series follows a Mexican-Americanboy recruited to play football in the UK before being recruited for a Spanish club and thenplaying at the World Cup.

Jefferies and Adrian Butchart are writing the basic script now for the thirdfilm, which will be revised after the World Cup ends July 9. The 12-week shootwill start in mid-August at one of the UK’s major studios along with some location work.

Jaume Collet Serra,who directed Goal! 2,will still be in post-production on that film while the next is shooting, sothe search is underway for a new director.

The Goal! 3 cast will feature series constantsKuno Becker, Allesandro Nivola, Anna Friel, Stephen Dillane, Miram Colon, and KieranO’Brien, along with Goal! 2 additions Nick Cannon, SantiagoCabrera, and David Beckham as himself.

Goal! 2wrapped its five-month UK and Spanish shoot on March 3 and isslated for a September release from Buena Vista International, which alsohandled the disappointing UK run for the first film in 2005.

Goal! hits US cinemas on May 12.

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