Yacoubian Building producers The Good News Group have announced a four-title multi genre film slate that shows the group intends to forge ahead with controversial and hot topics about the Arab world as shown from their own perspective.

Al-Qaeda will be the title of an Osama Bin Laden, Aiman el-Zawhiri themed film that focuses on their relationship with an American journalist.

Good News's CEO and film director Adel Adeeb told ScreenDaily.com that the story will in part be a 'mental warfare' that underlines mentality differences between the East and West.

The project is still in scripting stage -- four journalists and a screenwriter have been charged to research the storyline for two years -- Adeeb promises an American actor will star as the journalist.

Mohammad Ali Pasha is the title of a $12m biopic focusing on the story of modern Egypt's founder. 'It will have a King Lear type of ending,' Adeeb says. That film will begin shooting in December.

Adel Adeeb himself will direct his slate's third picture titled The Baby Doll Night - scripted by his father Abdel Hai Adeeb. The $10m film promises an intriguing presentation of '60 years of Arab world history told in one crazy New Year's Eve night, 2008,' Adeeb says.

The black comedy will be shot in the US, Canada, Turkey and Germany among other locations and promises to cover 9/11 (shot from the US), Iran and Iraq wars as well as the Israeli Palestine conflict - all told from the Egyptian point of view.

'Nobody is presenting these ideas from the inside,' Adeeb explains.

The Baby Doll Night will begin shooting in September 2007 looking to a summer 2008 release.

Finally, Yacoubian Building director Marwan Hamad's follow up film Ibrahim Al Abyad is also on the slate. Described as a gangster style Romeo and Juliet tale to be shot in a slum to be designed and built in Cairo especially for the $4m production.

Adeeb is also in Cannes to form co-production relationships for his projects but says their film mission is entrepreneurial and has been funded by their own media interests (specifically their web portal).