Sweden's Goteborg Film Festival Film Fund, which supports filmmakers living and working in developing countries, has out of this year's 40 applicants selected Angolan In The Empty City (Na Cidade Vazia) by Maria G. Joao and Sri Lankan Colours Of The Colourless (Sudu Kalu Saha Alu) by Sudath Mahaadivulwewa.

The films will be rewarded with $26,000 (SEK200,000) and $39,000 (SEK300,000) respectively.

Joao's feature film debut In The Empty City tells the story of an orphaned rural boy who comes to the big city of Luanda, where he soon falls into bad company. The film previously received support from the Hubert Bals Fund.

Mahaadivulwewa's Colours Of The Colourless is one of the largest features ever launched in Sri Lanka. The film explores national identity, social issues and human rights by following a group of people returning to the village they abandoned due to war.

The Swedish Film Fund has been running for five years and so far more than 20 filmmakers have been able to finish their films and reach a wider audience due to the support.

The filmmakers have come from countries like Indonesia, China, South Africa, Senegal, Uruguay, Mexico and Kurdistan among others.