Peter Greenaway is preparingJ'Accuse, an 80-minute featuredocumentary and a computer game to complement his new film Nightwatching, which recently finished shooting in Poland and Wales (and is being sold internationally by ContentFilm.)

Both the doc and thecomputer game are being produced by Amsterdam-based Submarine, run by FemkeWolting and Bruno Felix.

The documentary is aboutRembandt's painting Night Watch andthe impact it had on his career. In the painting, the artist reveals the identityof a killer. As a result, the 12 most influential families - who were his mostimportant patrons - rejected him.

'The film dives intothe story that is told in the painting,' Felix said. He suggested that thedocumentary will work both as a CSI-style mystery about a murder and as a platform forGreenaway to explore the decline in visual literacy in contemporary culture.

In the computer game,meanwhile, players will have the chance to solve the murder.

Greenaway also collaboratedwith Submarine on the 2004 interactive online game, The Tulse Luper Journey.

Submarine, set up in 2000,is a production company specialising in documentary and new media production.It recently broke new ground in the Netherlands by releasing the first-ever Dutch computer game toaccompany the release of a major feature film. The new game, on sale now, isinspired by Ben Sombogaart's English-language box-office hit Crusade In Jeans(sold internationally by Celsius Entertainment.)