Greenpoint Media is to produceand finance the family drama Cherrys,which is being directed by Harry Knapp and will star Eartha Kitt, LynnWhitfield and Jurnee Smollett.

The multi-generational story is based on a screenplay by DeborahGoodwin about the coming of age of an African-American teenager and the familysecrets she uncovers in the process.

Louis Gossett Jr, Anne Deavere Smith, Earle Hyman and Tracie Thomsare also set to star in the project, which is due to begin production in lateAugust.

Effie Brown and Holly Schepisi will produce with Knapp, whileMidge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury will serve as executive producers. throughSanford-Pillsbury Productions.

"When I read the script, I knewI had no choice but to be a part of it," Brown said. "Rarely do you get to seesuch complex, unapologetic, well written roles in a script, and it's even rarerfor those roles to be for African-American women."

Knapp's production company Greenpoint Media recently wrappedprincipal photography on Welcome To Slab City - The Last Outpost In America.

Prior to Greenpoint, Knapp was production executive for World ofWonder Productions, where his credits included Eyes of Tammy Faye and Party Monster.

Brown is an LA-based independent producer who also serves on theboard of IFP/Los Angeles. Her most recent credits include In The Cut and Everyday People.

Sanford andPillsbury are in pre-production on Carlos Brook's Quid Pro Quo; their credits include River'sEdge and the HBOtelefilm And The Band Played On.