Clancy Chassay [pictured] running campaign to fund his short thriller, based on his experience working across war zones.

Ex-Guardian writer Clancy Chassay is running a Kickstarter campaign for his short thriller The Foreigner.

Using his experience of working across war zones and at the front line in Beirut, Chassay has written and will direct the short set in the immediate aftermath of a deadly airstrike on an apartment buiilding in a packed city neighborhood.

The short will be the basis of a feature film set to be made in 2015. Chassay has put together a team that includes Rupert Sanders (Snow White & the Huntsman), Robert George (Armageddon, Pirates of the Caribbean), Jessie McCormack and Cristina Sarnoff (Prince of Persia).

Pre-production commences this month on the short with an eight-day shoot at The Blue Cloud Movie Ranch outside of Los Angeles, with release dates set for November.

Chassay commented: “The Foreigner is a fictional story inspired by events I experienced while covering the aftermath of an airstrike in a densely populated area. This routine of picking through the remains of destroyed homes and interviewing survivors became wearyingly familiar during my work as a war correspondent.

“It is our endeavor to capture this experience - rarely seen by anyone but the victims and first responders on the scene - to create a uniquely immersive tale of terrifying realism. But all is not what it seems…”

For more information, visit The Foreigner’s Kickstarter page.