Hong Kong 's first IMAX cinema, the seven-screen UA MegaBox, is set to open in June withthe screening of large-format title China: The Panda Adventure.

The 50-minute film is being screened to tie in with the 10-year anniversary of Hong Kong 's reunification with China and the arrival of pandas Le Le and Ying Ying in Hong Kong.

Operated by Lark Group which has eight cinemas with 36 screens in Hong Kong under the UA Cinemas brand, the UA MegaBox houses a large-format IMAX screen, along with six other screens, and is located at the MegaBox shopping mall in Kowloon Bay.

Directed by Robert M. Young and starring Maria Bello, Xander Berkeley and Chinese actor Xia Yu, China: The Panda Adventure is based on the true story of American fashion designer Ruth Harkness who brought the first giant pandas to the US. It was filmed with Imax's proprietary 15/70mm film format and IMAX cameras.

UA MegaBox will also screen the 3D version of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.