A revised proposal of a new film rating system was submitted to Indonesia 's Constitutional Court in Jakarta today, with the intention of replacing the dated censorship laws made during former President Suharto's regime in 1992.

The proposal was submitted by Masyaraka Film Indonesia, the Indonesian Film Society set up last December by local filmmakers against censorship and for the betterment of the Indonesian film industry.

The society, represented by filmmakers Nia Dinata, Riri Riza and Tino Sacroengallo, actress Shanty and Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest) director Lalu Roisamri, also petitioned for the setting up of a new government organisation which is 'more democratic and transparent with an awareness of the contemporary developments of local industry'.

They pointed out that present institutions, such as Film Censorship Institution (Lembaga Sensor Film) and National Film Deliberation Body (BP2N), both dated from the Suharto era, are restricting growth of Indonesian cinema.

The filmmakers explained how their films suffer from censorship, including Dinata-produced Long Road To Heaven, Riza's Gie and Sacroengallo's documentary which had its title changed by the censorship board to Student Movement In Indonesia from the original The Army Forced Them To Be Violent.

'While the state control over print media has been lifted and the hearing for broadcast has begun, it's time we do the same thing for the film industry,' said Roisamri. 'It's the first time all local filmmakers join forces in such a movement. We hope pressure could lead to change.'

More than 200 individuals have joined the movement, who are not only filmmakers but also film programmers, critics and researchers.

The court is expected to call for a consultation next year with witnesses submitted by the society, including lawyers, film professors and the media.

The public hearing was the second for this case. The ongoing Jiffest invited overseas festival guests - filmmakers, programmers and media - to witness today's hearing.

Indonesia is not alone in fighting against censorship. The Free Thai Cinema Movement is petitioning for the repeal of censorship in Thailand.